Friday, 27 January 2012

Eco Resorts

An eco resort is a picturesque resort where nature is unsullied and inviolate and uses nature friendly resources for everything from construction to cleaning products. These resorts also re-use many items and try to maximise their ecological impact as much as possible. Eco resorts typically have a focus on learning new ways to live, a green way which is normal to the environment and appreciating of their natural surroundings. Eco resorts not only implement an environmentally-conscious approach to running their business, some also offer guests volunteer opportunities against the environment and local community as well as a variety of eco-acts, such as nature tours.
We, at Archtech Solutions are totally committed to environment conservation. And it shows in everything we do from maintaining the ecological balance, helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity, We at Archtech Solutions believe in making optimal use of environmental resources. In keeping with this philosophy, we have adopted this in the way the resorts have been designed, conceived and the materials that have gone into its construction and the countless little things we advocate to the clients to do each day while running it.
Eco Resorts designed by Archtech Solutions have been built in accordance with environment-sensitive technology, minimising the dependence on cement, and using mud and other locally available materials instead. Recycled wood is used for much of the woodwork. The designing of an eco-resort itself contributes to passive energy conservation.
"The environment matters" ~ That is the mantra of Archtech Solutions. The projects undertaken reflect a marriage of eco friendly designs with stunningly beautiful structures and landscapes that harness the sustainability factor.

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